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Flourish in your vocation

By taking the time to understand your personality, passions and values, we’ll find a true vocation, never just a job.

Looking for the ideal job?

Finding the right position is about more than your skills and experience. To flourish in your job, you need a company that aligns with your goals and nurtures you to grow and bloom.

A good fit can mean the difference between a long-term position or a quick career change, which is why using the right recruitment agency is so important in finding a job that works for you. Building confidence, understanding your preferences and showing your full potential are all key to finding the role you deserve.

How we help

As a boutique recruitment service, our approach to helping you find a job is personal. We take the time to get to know what makes you tick – your interests, preferred cultural fit, and goals for your career.

This personalised approach helps us to nurture you from the start, providing the support and resources necessary for you to meet your full potential. We pride ourselves on providing an approachable, one-on-one service where you get to know us as much as we get to know you.

What makes us different?

Unlike other recruiters, we know that simply filling a vacancy isn't the most crucial part of our job. Our goal is to place you in the right job suited to not just your skills but also your personality and work style.

We invest in you as a person with CV preparation,
interview techniques and coaching to ensure the perfect fit.
 Once you're in your role, we celebrate your success and help you settle in to ensure each seed we plant reaches its full perennial potential.

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Our Happy

“I have been really impressed with Oakley Recruitment. I've been dealing with Hayley and Lucy, and both have been great, friendly and helpful. They have kept me up to date throughout the recruitment process and even did a practice interview with me.

Unlike many other recruitment agencies I have dealt with, I genuinely felt like they cared about me and got me the role I wanted. Would definitely recommend it.”

Claire Young


“I was called by Danielle as she had seen my CV. She was so lovely and helpful and sent me all the information about a role that she thought I was suitable for. I was offered an interview, so great news!

I hadn’t been for one for a number of years, but I had a Teams call with Danielle, and she was very helpful and made me feel more confident going into the interview. Communication was excellent, and I appre- ciated all her encouragement. Needless to say, I was successful in getting the job!”

Joanne Allman

“I was contacted by Danielle from Oakley recruitment with a potential job, which was actually a perfect fit for me. Danielle talked me through the job before sending my CV off and called me as soon as she had a response from them to let me know I had an interview. Danielle made sure I had plenty of information to prep for the interview and offered a quick call to coach me through some questions, which turned into an hour-long call (in her own time may I add) where she persevered with my nerves and did all she could to prepare me.


Then, she contacted me prior to my interview to make sure I was ok and called me straight after to see how I got on. She was always so lovely and helpful and really knew her stuff!! I ended up getting the job, which I think shocked us both, but I’m really grateful for all her help! I’ve only used recruitment agencies once or twice, and the service was not even close to the one from Oakley! Thank you, Danielle.””

Kerry Saunders

“I can't explain how amazing this team is. I have struggled for months to find work, and they have landed me an amazing job in a week!


Lucy and Hayley have been incredible, constantly keeping me in the loop and even arranging a meeting prior to my interview for them to tell me about the company and give me tips. I really can't say enough about how much they've done for me!”

Bethany Bowers

“Words can’t describe how happy I am to have come across Oakley Recruitment. As soon as a suitable role became available, Lucy got in touch to explain the opportunity and how it matched exactly what I was looking for. She has done an amazing job of finding a role that ticks so many boxes.


Lucy has been incredible from start to finish, very attentive and was on hand to answer any questions and provide information. The level of support from Lucy was amazing, with a Teams meeting before the interview to help with prep and example interview questions relating to the company and role.

I can’t recommend Oakley Recruitment highly enough, the whole experience has been such a pleasure.”

Adam Montague-Johnstone

“I had the pleasure of meeting Hayley through LinkedIn as I was looking for a job. Out of many recruitment firms, Hayley was one of the very few who actually took the time and effort to really help me.

I noticed that many firms do not even contact you, and when they do, you never really get feedback when things don't work out. Hayley was completely different.

She went above and beyond my expectations every step of the hiring process. I am very thankful for all her help and support. Her advice prior to the inter- view was very helpful too!”

Matheus Lima Hallmark

"Really fantastic group of people.  Helped along with the whole process, and nothing was too much trouble.  And their advice helped me to bag my new job.  Joanne was an absolute star, instantly put me at ease, and calmed those nerves.  Thank you so much."

“I contacted Oakley about job vacancies they may have suitable for me, and Hayley passed me over to Lucy, who was incredibly helpful and talked me through a job that was suitable for what I was looking for.

From start to finish, Lucy was amazing and coached me through the interview process as it had been a while since I had been back in the game. I got the job and am eternally grateful for all the help and support I received. I couldn't recommend this company and staff enough. Thank you.”

Gemma Whitmore

“Hayley was amazing! Helped me find a new job within a week of submitting my application to the job posting; she was so supportive and helpful all the way through the process!

I could tell she genuinely cared about finding a job that was right for me and that I would be happy in, and that made me feel so reassured and confident in myself. I can't thank Hayley and Oakley Recruitment enough for all that they have done for me in such a short space of time!”

Korenza Aulman

“I would recommend anyone who is looking for a new job to contact Oakley Recruitment, they are not your typical recruitment agency where you hear from them once and then never again.

Lucy has been extremely supportive throughout the process, taking the time to get to know me, listening to my needs and finding the right role that fits me. Lucy responds to every email and phone call, and I even had a Teams call before my interview to go over interview techniques and any questions I had. The first interview and... I got the job! Lucy and Hayley, you are both a credit to the recruitment industry.”

Emma Wildman

“Hayley is wonderful! She’s so lovely to talk to and really helps you to prepare for interviews. She sends example questions and key people in the interview so you can prepare beforehand.

Hayley even did a quick Teams meeting in the evening to go over some bits for my interview just to make sure I was 100% ready, and I haven’t met a recruiter like that. Really personal as well and listens to what you are after.”

Regan Goodburn

"I have recently been recruited by Oakley Recruitment and it has been a great experience, I had received a phone call from Joanne as she had seen my CV online and felt I would be suitable for a role. 


Joanne was lovely all throughout and has really helped me feel comfortable and happy about the position.  I was also given a Teams interview with her where I received a lot of support leading up to my interview.  She is lovely and gave me lots of information on the role and what I would be doing on a day to day basis.  I am really happy with my experience and can’t wait to start my new job.  Thanks Joanne."

Jason Singh

Sally Causer

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